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WEATHERGEDDON: Cold snap could cause temperatures

Experts have warned today of an incoming cold snap that could cause temperatures to drop as low as a number.

“Winter”, as boffins have dubbed it, could see us having to endure temperatures that, when measured on a linear scale, could be seen to be lower than those experienced at other times of the year. ¬†August, for example.

It has also been reported that frozen water falling from the sky in the form of light, fluffy crystals is also a thing that could happen.

Local weather watchers have reported “it’s a bit chilly out” and “I might have to put the fleecey innards back in my jacket”.

Police have offered the following advice – “If you’re having trouble coping with the cold, try huddling for warmth around one of the many burning cars in the Dover area. But not that one in the County Hotel car park. I don’t trust it”.

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