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This isn’t news, it’s an estate agent’s window

We’re going to dress it up as news, or an article about the local area but in reality this is content paid for by an estate agent.

We’re even going to go as far as to post it under “News” so it gets more views, because no one purposefully checks our property section!

Just look at this wonderful property that’s available to buy or let at a massively inflated price in the Dover area!

At first glance, this would appear to be something of a “fixer-upper”, but you’ll soon find out that would be an understatement!

Take a second look and you’ll discover the wonderful secrets of this truly unique building. For example, where else would you find such a pristine collection of pigeon corpses? And that rotting fox in the corner is sure to be a talking point at any dinner party!

Gaze in wonder at the stunning period features that are only partially covered in tramp piss and lewd graffiti.

We think this property would be perfect for any young family just starting out, or a more aspirational hobo orgy.

This property and many more like it are available at any good stockist! Like an estate agent, or a property website. Where people go to look at houses. Not a news website.


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