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E-PETITION to jettison Dover into channel gathers pace

An e-petition calling for official government recognition of a scheme to use explosives to disconnect Dover from the mainland has been launched.

The plan, which is entirely fictional and therefore not available to view anywhere, details how a combination of demolition and shale gas drilling crews could be used to fracture, or “frack”, Dover into the sea.

Map Imagery (c) Google
Proposed Detachment Line

Authors of the scheme dubbed “Operation Frack Dover into the Sea”, included maps of the proposed demolition lines and said that while it would appear at first glance that it could cause massive structural damage to the area, very little of any value would be affected.

Experts have warned that the scheme could have some downsides for Dover residents though, saying that it could lead to the town being closer than ever to Calais.

On a more positive note, it could encourage more Dover residents to swim regularly.

Local businesses are said to be fully supportive of the plan, saying they welcome any investment into Dover’s ailing high street.

Deal residents just kept chanting “For the greater good”.

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